Why do I need a Kitchen Designer?

Although there are many excellent books and articles about kitchen designs, there are many elements to consider. When you work with a professional kitchen designer you will choose from a wide selection of products to optimize all aspects of your new kitchen.

A kitchen designer will:

  • Recommend and design a functional modern kitchen layout
  • Offer you access to a huge selection of product choices then simplify and guide you through the selection process
  • Help you avoid expensive mistakes caused by measurement errors, poor color and/or product selections, and non-functional kitchen design layouts
  • Save you money and time without compromising on quality

Our designers can meet you at the showroom in Whangarei (or at your site) for a complimentary initial consultation, to start you on the road to your dream kitchen/renovation.

Our team believes in designing Kitchen layouts that encourage comfortable interaction while maintaining the balance between congregation of family & friends and separation to ensure you can cook, clean & socialize with ease.

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